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Efficient solutions for sustainable benefits for processors and customers. This includes: permanent, low-maintainance and user-friendly constructions without additional processing and costs.

Static Direct Glazing

Static dry bonding for any profile geometry

Static Direct Glazing

Customer benefits:

  • Patented solution for our customers
  • Customer-specific solution – ideal if existing profile design is to be retained
  • Easy installation and removal of the profile with maximum adhesive surface to the glass through the adapter profile
  • Efficient solution for prefabricated frame structures
  • Easy removal of the tape and adapter profile for the recycling process of the windows and when removing destroyed glass panes
  • Adapter profile can be made of PVC, GFK, aluminum or combinations with co-extruded materials
  • Outstanding values in UV, temperature and weathering resistance
Static Direct Glazing Wood

Bonding and sealing with only one tape

Static Direct Glazing Wood

Customer benefits:

  • Bonding and sealing with only one tape
  • Uniform load transfer within frame construction
  • Relief of the frame corners
  • Relief of the hardware components
  • Relief of the glass pane
  • Can be used on standard paint systems
  • Easy application, also manually
  • Resistant to temperature, UV radiation, aging, weathering, plasticizers and solvents
Bonding of decorative foil

The adhesive system for outdoor applications Sealing and bonding with only one tape

Bonding of decorative foil

Customer benefits:

  • Adhesive system excellent for outdoor applications
  • Ideal for the repair of damaged film surfaces on the construction site
  • Good adhesion to many materials such as PVC, aluminum, wood and RFG
  • High initial tack
Assembly of partition walls

Time- and cost-saving connection of glass elements

Assembly of partition walls

Customer benefits:

  • Time- and cost-saving connection of glass elements
  • Highly transparent for clear connections with compensating and sealing properties
  • Dirt-repellent due to passivated outer edges → Low cleaning effort

Material properties:

  • Excellent stress equalization
  • Compensation of glass tolerances through viscoelasticity
  • High initial tack, lasting strong adhesion
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and plasticizers
Windows & doors

Railing fastening

Windows & doors

Customer benefits:

  • Visually very high quality adhesive tape
  • Very good compatibility with the foil of the laminated glass
  • Very good shock absorption in the ball-drop test
  • Extremely good aging resistance
  • Application and profile bonding without time delay due to curing times
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Also available as edge-passivated version
Windproof connection of external facades and partially open facades

Vapor barrier tape outside

Windproof connection of external facades and partially open facades

Customer benefits:

  • Windproof connection of external facades and partially open facades
  • Single-sided, black and waterproof high-performance adhesive tape with foil carrier
  • Flexible use for bonding overlaps, penetrations and window connections
  • Very good adhesion on different surface structures at high and low temperatures
  • UV-resistant
  • Weather resistance at least 12 months

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Bonding IG-units with the new DuploCOLL® SDG® adhesive tape (Static Direct Glazing)

Burglary test on wooden-aluminum window construction for resistance class RC3


 Lohmann tapes for Static Direct Glazing (SDG)


Roof constructions: Vapor barrier | Airtight sealing with adhesive tape DuploCOLL 21117


 Adhesive Bonding with DuploCOLL® CPT


Airtight and windproof bonding of roof and interior construction (DIN 4108-11)


Adhesive tapes for the construction industry | Building and Construction image film


 Static Dry Glazing (Gealan STV)


„The circumferential bonding of the window glass to its frame allows for better safety, best insulation and greater freedom of design.“


„Perfect bonding results thanks to ideal and precise preparation with Lohmann.“


"With Lohmann's adhesive tape solutions for dry static glazing we have reliably been achieving maximum stability in our window systems for more than ten years – and certified!”



Lohmann keeps its promises.


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